SNFaceCrop 1.2 is released

SNFaceCrop 1.2 is released. The new feature in this version is the ability to do batch mode detection.

There are two detection modes in SNFaceCrop: interactive mode and batch mode.

In interactive mode, you use the menus and user interfaces available in SNFaceCrop application window.

In batch mode, you run SNFaceCrop from command line. Batch mode detection is particularly useful if you want to detect faces in a large number of images. With batch mode detection you can let SNFaceCrop do the detection on multiple images and comeback later to get the results.


To detect faces in an image in interactive mode:
  1. On the File menu, choose Open Image... and select the image to be detected.
    The currently supported image formats are BMP, PNG, and JPG.
  2. On the Detect menu, choose Start Detection... and wait until the detection is finished.
  3. After the detection is completed, if one or more faces are found, you can examine the detected face(s) in the Face tab.
By using the Tools menu., you can then select a face and copy it to clipboard or save all detected


To detect faces in a single or multiple image files in batch mode:

  1. Open command prompt and go to the directory where SNFaceCrop.exe is located.
  2. Run SNFaceCrop by using the following syntax:

    SNFaceCrop -d -f ...

    is the location of the image files
    ,,... are the image file names
    You can also use wildcard for the image file names.


    SNFaceCrop -d c:\myphotos -f photo1.jpg
    SNFaceCrop -d c:\myphotos -f photo1.jpg photo2.jpg photo3.jpg
    SNFaceCrop -d c:\myphotos -f *.bmp

  3. When the detection is finished, SNFaceCrop will open the directory where the detected face(s) are saved.
    The results will be saved in the subdirectory cropped_faces under the image file directory.
The current latest version (1.2.4312.6914) can be downloaded from https://sourceforge.net/projects/snfacecrop/
The source code is also available from the same web site.

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